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Simple Ways to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems in Public Bathrooms

Published on September 17, 2012, by in Plumbing.

Public bathrooms are prone to developing a number of plumbing problems, many of which put them out of commission. As a commercial property owner, it is always in your best interests to prevent these issues rather than to repair them. Following are several ways that you can avoid the mess, stress and hassle of clogged toilets and other drainage issues in these areas.

It is first important to install the proper type of commodes for these facilities. High powered options are generally the best selection, especially in bathrooms that are completely open for public use. You might also want to have sensors for your flushing mechanisms so that waste build-ups do not result in major blockages.

In facilities for women you should always have separate disposal units for sanitary napkins and other feminine hygiene products. These bins should be accessible and easy to use. When people do not have a discreet method for disposing of very personal items they often try to flush them down the commode. Even the highest powered toilets will not be able to accommodate many of these products.

Although it will cost more money to do so, you should always maintain an adequate supply of paper seat covers in each one of your stalls. This will prevent all users from using toilet paper instead. When toilet paper is used to create makeshift seat covers, a lot of this paper product can be flushed at one time. This too can result in major blockages.

Hand dryers that you can mount on the bathroom walls are another addition that you can make. This eliminates all of the counter top messes that paper towels can make. Additionally, whenever these heavy duty paper products are available in bathrooms, there is the likelihood that people will attempt to flush them down the commodes even though they know they are not supposed to. This is what causes most bathroom flooding issues. A single investment in wall mounted hand dryers could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs throughout the years.

Many companies are working hard to establish greener operations. The removal of paper towels will dramatically reduce paper usage. This will also make it possible for your company to produce a lesser volume of garbage. Thus, even as you are reducing the likelihood of clogged toilets, you are also reducing the amount of trash that your business will be adding to landfills on a routine basis.

If you are not legally obligated to make your commercial bathrooms available to the greater public, you may want to restrict these areas to use only by employees and your own associates and clients. This minimizes the amount of wear and tear that your appliances and other aspects of these facilities must endure. You can install a locking mechanism and leave several keys at the front desk where authorized users can pick them up.

There are many additional ways to avoid plumbing problems in bathrooms that are in commercial buildings. Properly maintaining these facilities will save property owners a lot of time and money. Stocking the necessary supplies and the most practical equipment will solve a lot of common issues and prevent many from ever occurring at all.

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